Deal Management for Faster Closes and Better Business Outcomes

Deal management is the process of defining precise deal parameters that allow sales teams to manage the sometimes challenging task of closing complex transactions. It includes managing the work of writing, finalizing, and publishing the deal binder/ closing book; and ensuring that the contract is executed within a defined timeline. By creating clear processes that enable sales reps to take the necessary steps to bring a deal through the finish line, businesses can reduce the time it takes to close each sale and generate revenue more quickly.

Effective deal management reduces inefficiencies caused by human mistakes and personal preferences. With a set of refined deal parameters in place, sales reps are empowered to take action, relevant actions are boosted by having an established process, and the customer experience improves with consistent messaging.

In addition having a well-organized process in place allows you to recognize and address potential issues before they arise. It allows you to provide accurate and predictable sales forecasts as well as ensure that your team follows best practices at every opportunity.

To maximize your deal management efforts consider investing in an automated CRM system that streamlines the process, allows you to design unique pipelines, and gives you the ability to monitor each opportunity in real-time. Your team will be able make better decisions with fresh information, visual reports and AI-driven predictions. This will result in more efficient and quicker sales, as well as more profitable business outcomes. Freshsales for instance, lets reps view their pipelines as well as deal data in one place. It also lets them drag and drop deals to increase precision.

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